Saturday, July 05, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Gordon is the story

Sit down, and then place your head between your legs. For today, we come to offer our sympathy for Gordon Smart, not to point out how shoddy he is. Just for today, like.

Gordon got cornered by Jay-Z in a nightclub ("trendy London club Paper", as Gordon puts it) to take issue with Smart's Gallagher-pandering review of Mr. Z at Glastonbury:

He told me: "You were the only one who gave me a bad review. Everyone else said it was history.

"I’m not one of those guys who gets cut up about good or bad reviews but you missed the moment, man.

"It was a first for Glastonbury and you didn’t get it. You’re a non-believer. I was making history and you missed the moment."

Not that he could care, Smart's paper's full of shit, and he only reads the racecard, anyway.
"I have sold your paper on stage for the last few weeks.

"I made history on Saturday and that can’t be taken away from me.

"It was something new, never done before, and I’m proud."

And Beyonce's fuming.

There's nothing more pathetic than someone over-reacting to a review which diverges from their self-image; you'd have thought that Jay-Z would have had a little more dignity than to indulge in this sort of thing - and, certainly, he might have chosen to argue on grounds of quality rather than his misplaced "history in the making" mythology.


Olive said...

You'd have thought that Smart would be pleased that Jay-Z knew who he was. Or maybe that was the actual point of the article. Preapre for Monday's Bizarre column to contain a 'me and my great showbiz mate Jay-Z bury the hatchet and go wriggling and boozing' story. Or something.

Tess said...

Why on earth would you expect Jay-Z to have humility when everyone seems intent on kissing his arse as much as possible at the moment. No dissenters allowed

Raffles said...

To be fair, though Jay-Zed's arse is sizeable enough for a good many people to kiss simultaneously, wouldn't Beyonce's be the better option; large enough and a tad more appealing. Aha, that's how I can kiss her arse and get away with it. Simon Hb, you have (sort of) done it again!

Chris Brown said...

I think the shock is not that Mr Z is lacking in humility, as that you'd think he'd have enough self-confidence not to care what the Sun says about him. Or enough taste not to know.

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