Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fat undead guy in a bath

Given that Jim Morrison wasn't exactly hard to miss, it's surprising the number of people who are convinced that those who saw his corpulent, lifeless body in a tub are somehow wrong. Almost a year to a day after we were asked to believe that JimMo actually died in a pub toilet, Ray Manzarek has suddenly piped up that, you know, maybe he didn't even die at all:

"I often wonder if his death has been an elaborate charade.
"Jim was a restless soul, always looking for something else in his life, and even six years of success - and excess - with The Doors hadn't been enough for him.

"A year earlier, he had shown me a brochure for the Seychelles and said, 'Wouldn't this be the perfect place to escape to if everyone believed you were dead?'. At the time, I never thought anything of it."

Or, indeed, thought to mention it in the previous thirty-eight years for some reason. Perhaps he was afraid we'd laugh at him.

Of course, if Morrison is still alive, he'd be spending his time hanging round that Parisian graveyard, the Pere Lachaise, giggling at the people visiting his empty grave. Or maybe he just spends his days trying to figure out how to access his money, somehow.

[Thanks to Michael M]

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Dora said...

He trotted out that story when I met him about 6 years ago, hinting strongly that he might have heard from Jim. Manzarek wrote a terrible novel called, regrettably, "The Poet In Exile" based on the premise that a keyboardist named Roy starts getting postcards from the Sekritly Not Dead singer of his band.

The man is such a sleaze, trying to sell bad fanfic to Doors fans by insinuating that maybe he's really alive after all. Honestly, he's one of the creepiest men in rock I've met.

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