Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Keep quiet

Gordon has turned in a think-piece to lead with this morning, turning his attention to Amy Winehouse's repeated professions of love for Blake. So, erm, that's a response to her Glato appearance four days ago (although he claims she was telling anyone who'd listen about an impending release yesterday.)

Gordon wants Amy to keep quiet:


Zip it, button it,, I’ve got a whole bag of “SHH” in Bizarre HQ for you — please just give us all a Blake!

Of course, if Gordon really did want to quieten down Amy's constant banging on about her thugsband, he could, erm, not report it every time she says something.

Still, Gordon does know how irritating it is to have somebody constantly banging on about a marriage. The 978 consecutive days of the Ashley Cole/Cheryl Tweedy story, for example.

Gordon makes space for a denial from Madonna's people about those marriage rumours:
After Ritchie flew to the US, aide Liz Rosenberg said: “Guy arrived in New York to be with his wife and family — not in a last-ditch attempt to save his marriage which does not need saving.”

Mind you, that's the same Liz Rosenberg who was telling everyone that Madonna was not adopting a Malawian child five days before David Banda was parceled up.

[Updated: Thanks to Michael for pointing out the vital missing 'not' in the last sentence.]

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