Tuesday, July 01, 2008

NME has a vacancy for a technology correspondent

Obviously, music journalists aren't expected to be tech journos, but the NME.com coverage of Rhapsody's new mp3 store is a little shoddy even making allowances:

An online download service, Rhapsody, has put itself into a position to potentially rival the Apple iTunes download service, by making the MP3s downloaded from the site compatible with iPods for the first time.

The website does not use digital rights software, and for the first time its MP3s will be compatible with Apple's range of MP3-playing devices, reports Brand Republic.

Rhapsody, of course, has never sold mp3s before, and mp3s have always been compatible with iPods. But other than that, it's spot on.

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Olive said...

Doesn't anyone on the NME own an iPod or something? I've long since stopped expecting decent journalism from NME, but it's come to somethign when they can't even paraphrase a press release accurately.

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