Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Glastonbury didn't think that The Verve are as good as Keane or something

Richard Ashcroft's suggestion that Michael Eavis didn't think The Verve would be as good as Keane have been scoffed at by Emily Eavis:

Speaking to the BBC, Emily Eavis said that Ashcroft's comments were “not true at all" and were “not a big deal.”

"We've liked The Verve for ages and we were really pleased to have them on," she added.

That doesn't quite answer the suggestion that Michael prefers Keane, though, does it?


Christopher said...

"I prefer Keane to The Verve" - the sentence for which the expression "damning with faint praise" was invented.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to hear an astmatic donkey being beaten to death with a marrow to either of the above.

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