Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gordon in the morning: With 'pals' like these

And on grinds the public tragedy of Amy and Mitch, with enabler Gordon giving space to Mitch's belief's that Amy's trip to A&E was as a result of someone slipping an E into her drink:

AMY WINEHOUSE’s furious father is convinced a “pal” sparked her string of terrifying fits by spiking her drink with the killer drug ecstasy.

You'll note that Gordon has put pal in quotation marks, so as not to confuse his readers - this isn't the sort of pal who's really a pal, the type of pal who would sell a story to the tabloids, for example.

Meanwhile, almost as if he's noticed that the general level of interest in his doings has slumped since he split with Kate Moss, Pete Doherty is reduced to reminding people that he used to go out with the famous Kate Moss, you know:
“I haven’t shacked up with anyone since. I haven’t shared my life with anyone.”

Speaking about the break-up for the first time, he added: “When you split up with someone you’re seriously in love with, it takes a lot of time before you even realise you’re upset. You know? It just hits you.”

Yes, it's been a year now since Kate Moss moved on to somewhere where the drug taking would be less obvious - sorry, I mean where the drug taking would be less - and Pete hasn't had a serious page in the gossip columns ("a serious relationship") since.


Dora said...

It seems Doherty's recent engagement (to the same bird he'd already proposed to and broken the engagement with once before, no less...) doesn't count as a 'real relationship' because he's called the wedding off again.

Anonymous said...

what about when he was in prison? I'd say he was shacked up with someone then...

duckie said...

"killer drug ecstasy"

I'm guessing this is the ghost memory of Leah Betts again (who of course actually died from overhydration following a cocktail of alcohol and stuff)that necessitates the insertion of the word killer. Which is of course never justified when Gordon mentions drinking, despite the toll of alcohol-related deaths being many orders of magnitude higher than E. He has a sense of proportion. It's just slightly inverted is all. Pillock.

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