Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mathew returns

After last year's Mathew Street debacle - and I'm not sure anyone is any the clearer as to how the council managed to screw it up so spectacularly - this year, the event is back (or at least is planned to be.) James M brought the announcement to our attention:

Liverpool's "year of culture" goes from bad to worse. Bill Heckle, director of the Matthew Street festival claims to have listened to the public. I presume that's "listened" in the Gordon Brown sense of the word. Right Said Fred? Chas & Dave? Both are nostalgia/tribute acts in themselves. As for the stage given over to local unsigned acts, that was done at the previous festival in 2006; a stage stuck out at the Pier Head, separated from the rest of the city centre. Moreover, the space given over in Williamson Square to local hip-hop acts seems insultingly tokenistic. Ah, well, never mind. If we get bored of yeah, yeah, yeahs & mop top wigs, there's always the Kaiser Thiefs, Antarctic Monkeys & Absolute Bowie, eh?

The strangest announced act is Amy Wynehouse - which is less a tribute act, more like one of those supermarket own-brands that try to pass themselves off as a proper brand by making the smallest possible changes to the packaging. Thay are also billing Cher, which we're guessing might not be the real thing.


Billy said...

It just gets worse every year. I don't understand putting in all the effort of closing the city centre, putting in fantastic stage and pa facilities, providing all the necessary infrastructure and then sticking a load of hopeless social club tribute acts up there.

iiii said...

hang on, the local bands stage was right by the main stage in 2006, which can hardly be described as seperated from the festival (which back then was based at the pier head)

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