Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I suspect this will put a spring in the step of many people of a certain age: King Of The Slums are reactivated and will be releasing new material next month, according to Stuart Maconie. The album is The Orphaned Files and ready to go, just being held up by some sort of legal skirmish, apparently.


DJ Stig said...

Wowsers! This is pretty good news. Don't suppose you know if they will be gigging and the likes?

simon h b said...

I think it's a full reactivation and there will be gigs to support the new record.

Francis said...

amazing - i bought the "slum cathedral user" CDR from ebay a couple of years back that claimed to be some unreleased stuff recorded before they split. It was OK but variable quality.

They were a fantastic live band in their early incarnations but the last time I saw them (and the last album) they'd gone a bit funky and lost a lot of the violin dissonance

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