Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Republicans are running low on ideas

Last week's John McCain adverts - which basically were 'oh, you all love Obama, why don't you marry him if you love him so much' - seemed pretty weak.

But there was a further down to go. The latest Republican advert runs through the following logic:

Obama is really popular.

Britney Spears is really popular.

Therefore, voting Obama is like voting for Britney Spears to run the country.

Yes, that'll work. I now really believe that Obama will be sworn in wearing a skintight pleather catsuit.


Laura Brown said...

Since the most widespread criticisms of Obama (well, the most widespread among civilised people, anyway) are that he's untested and has more style than substance, you'd think McCain could hit paydirt by emphasising his own experience and solid policy proposals. Instead he's putting out rubbish like this. Even though I'm a Democrat, it's a bit painful to watch the GOP shoot itself in the foot this way.

Besides, from what I've read about Britney, she's probably a Republican.

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