Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dress you up

The revelation that Coldplay like to make their own clothes is, perhaps, surprising - although everybody needs an outlet for creativity and, clearly, their music wouldn't perform that function.

This, though, is what was really strange about Chris Martin's quote. Talking about checking in to hotels, he said:

"We see if they have a sewing kit in the amenities drawer in case we feel inspired."

The amenities drawer? Given that this man is supposed to be a songwriter, what sort of phrase it "the amenities drawer"? And wouldn't it be more obvious to look in the bathroom, where the sewing kit usually sits alongside the showercaps and mini-shampoos?

But then: he expects us to believe they use hotel sewing kits to stitch together stage uniforms. The piddly little needles you get in a sewing kit in a hotel are barely enough to fix a button to a pair of trousers, never mind knock up a stage outfit. The suspicion must be this is what Martin thinks is whimsy. Which is even more numbing than thinking he's sitting up all night stitching sequins on his trousers.


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