Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Perhaps they're doing it deliberately

Surely, there must be a competition at Bizarre to see who can get the worst pun actually into the paper. It's the only explanation for this:

Cheeky singer is yawny Allen

Meanwhile, Gordon's love affair with Oasis reaches new heights as a rubbish photo of Liam jogging sends Mr. Smart in the sort of sports commentary you'd have got on On The Hour:
He’s no Haile Gebreselassie but if he carries on like this it won’t be soul he’ll be digging out, it’ll be his 32in Levi jeans from 1995.

Just imagine, eh, Gordon, those tight jeans clinging to Liam's arse as he swaggers about. And as he turns round, perfectly cupped by that aging denim - perhaps just a faint hint of fraying down to the right...

No. I'm feeling a little queasy now, and I never got as far as the phrase "threesome with Serge".

The team have, of course, turned in a crap not-a-pun for this story, too:
Manc singer is Liam Galloper

Actually, that's not that bad - by current Sun standards, anyway. Although you don't gallop when you jog. Unless you're able to go slowly faster than a cannonball.


James said...

I'm sure I've said this before, but crikey... Some days, Gordon rivals 'The Office' in terms of sheer toe-curling Oh-god-did-he-really-say-that embarrassment on behalf of someone else. 'Cheeky singer is yawny Allen'? Really? Did the image of Liam Gallagher in snug-fitting jeans distract Gordon so much that he spent the rest of the afternoon vacantly approving photos of popstars yawning and typing the first thing that came to mind?

Anonymous said...

Manc singer is Liam Galloper

In many other newspapers this might have been mistaken for a cryptic crossword. Can't see that coming up too much in The Sun.

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