Friday, August 29, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Something fishy

Most people - especially if they were Oasis fans - would do their best to suppress a story which has one of their heroes having a painting of Spongebob Squarepants done for his living room:

The OASIS frontman has commissioned an artist to paint him a massive portrait of the cartoon sponge — in the style of ANDY WARHOL.

Not Gordon, though, who somehow spins 500 words out of it. That's not counting a grim top ten of fish-themed Oasis songs (Sushi's Electric Eel, that kind of thing.)

Included what sounds like a suspiciously cod (it's catching, sorry) quote from Liam:
“SpongeBob is a fucking mental, full-of-beans, enthusiastic sponge that lives at the bottom of the sea in Bikini Bottom. He’s mad for it.

“He’s got a mate called Squidward, who plays the clarinet and is grumpy like our kid NOEL. I’m having a huge painting done at the minute, a proper Andy Warhol-style portrait of SpongeBob.

“He’ll be facing Elvis and Hendrix in the living room.”

Now, I'm not Alan Turing, but to me this sounds like something you might get out of an automated Liam Gallagher quote generator. Maybe Liam just rings up and says "big painting of a child's toy, could you chuck in a few mad for its and a joshing reference to my brother Noel? Thank you."