Friday, August 01, 2008

Gordon in the morning: That bloke's a nutter

Gordon brings us news this morning of Jim from The Corrs, who is furthermore a Corr. He is, apparently, a "nutter":

He insists that the tragic events of 9/11 a hoax — and that European cooperation is being masterminded by a secret group of political plotters who want to turn the entire globe into a Soviet-style socialist state. Phew.

I'm not sure, but I suspect Gordon means Corr believes 9/11 was an inside job rather than a "hoax", which would imply that it didn't happen. Like the moonlandings.

Still, Gordon has no time for this sort of thing:
His theories are plainly laughable and cribbed from unreliable internet sources.

Goodness - imagine that. An unreliable website whose readers believe every word they read on it. Does that remind you of anything, oh, Prime Minister of Gossip?

You wouldn't get Gordon Smart encouraging people to go online and bang away about things they can't possibly know about, would you?

Oh... hang on: what's this at the foot of the Corr story?
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Olive said...

Isn't this story a couple of months old? Gordon's finger, meet pulse.

Pat Kenny said...

It's well over 2 months old. And he was invited onto one crappy radio station show.

Robin Carmody said...

The EU is a favourite conspiracy theory for a disarmingly large number of people - sometimes (as here) it's that it's all a socialist plot against the Anglo-Saxon model of free market capitalism, sometimes it's that it's part of the neoconservative agenda and is *promoting* that same model (c.f. Richard Body's claim that the CIA funded the campaign to stay in the then EEC during the 1975 referendum, though he claimed it was because the CIA thought that the whole of the continent might go communist but that Britain wouldn't and it wanted a bulwark against a communist takeover of the EEC ... Body was a neo-feudalist who was always paranoid about *all* foreigners, as opposed to neoconservative paranoia, which is against only the European and Arab kind).

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