Thursday, August 21, 2008

Iceland? Maybe if it's a special occasion: Katona's bankrupt

If it wasn't such a tragedy, it would be amusing. Kerry Katona was declared bankrupt today after the HMRC failed to receive her last payment of back taxes. The amusing part?

She was not in court to hear her representative, Luke Harris, ask the registrar to put the matter back again.

Mr Harris said funds were available but cheques had not been cleared in time, but said as soon as the money was ready it would be brought to court and handed over.

Yes, she actually tried the "I'm waiting for funds to clear - could you lend me a fiver until tomorrow? Actually, best make it a tenner..." technique. It's not clear if Mr. Harris theatrically patted his pockets before muttering about how his wallet was definitely there when he left the house.
[W]hen called back just before 1300 BST, Mr Harris said he was "not in a position to assist further".

Although there's a chap down his club who owes him fifty, and if you could lend him another ten for the taxi down, he'll be able to pay you in full.


Olive said...

I'm expecting a 'My Bankruptcy Hell' story to appear in the next edition of Heat or OK or whatever shitpile publication still gives a damn about the vile woman.

James said...

Just what I was thinking... What are the chances that Harris asked for the extra time so that he could phone OK! Magazine and ask them to check their price-sheet for the going rate on a four-page 'My Bankruptcy Trauma' spread, complete with photos of Kerry and family reclining on sofas being carried down the driveway?

Top Tip: Don't throw away your old copies of OK! magazine. As of tomorrow, they can double as handy catalogues for Warrington Cash Converters.

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