Thursday, August 21, 2008

I know you should never look too closely at spam

But you have to wonder exactly what goes through their minds sometimes: What training does one do to become lesbian? And is there a possibility of it becoming an Olympic sport?

Aha. As I write this, I get another - "Zac Effron buys Britney Spears' farts".


John said...

I just got "Britney sues vagina for divorce"

Jack said...

Some favourites of from my spamfolder?

Britneys vagina to atend AA on its own!
Doctor Fanny and Britney's vagina
Britney Spears blames Peppy Cola for Sex tape

And perhaps the best?
Britney Spears Denies Having Seminal Moments with Her Angina

Perhaps she'll go be the poster child showing that heart problems can happen to the best of us.

Olive said...

Today I got

"Britney Spears to join British Army"
"Britney Spears and Shila Shetty in Lesbo romp"
"Britney Steals Jamie Lynn's fetus"
"Britney Spears to study Theoretical" Quantum Mechanics at MIT"

Busy girl.

simon h b said...

The real worry, of course, is that as this stuff is going out to everybody, it's likely some of this is turning up at britney's own inbox. Can you imagine her logging on in the morning and seeing an email that says she's joined the British army? "Oh god... how bloody wasted was I last night?..."

PeterD said...

My favourite from this morning is

Paris Hilton gets a third breast implant. Taunts Lohan & Spears to do the same!

I can see hilton calling up the other two and saying "you are facking nowt Lohan, come back then oyur third breast has an implant".

Jack said...

I just got one with the title:
Hilton auditions for Nazi Orgymaster: The Max Mosley Story biopic

It's worrying when you're far more likely to get interesting spam than emails from real people isn't it?

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