Friday, August 08, 2008

Label to band: You're not unsigned, actually

Memfis - Swedish prog metal, since you ask - have been making much of how great it is to be free of the shackles of record labels. Free and easy for them, from now on.

The label which released their first record, though, has now released a statement, begging to differ:

"Just to let you know regarding the news on MEMFIS' myspace site. The band says that they are free from the deal with Dental Records. This is something we must deny, as we still have an option for another album AND the band has agreed on it. Due to matters beyond our control, all of the sudden the band have decided that they are free from the deal, which is something we cannot agree on, especially since we have spent a fortune on marketing for the first album ('The Wind-Up'). So we really need the band to recoup before they go anywhere else, and if they try we will take measures. Because a contract is a contract."

It probably didn't sound quite so menacing before they translated it from the Swedish. Hopefully.