Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where are some of the members of Marine Research now?

Welcome to our occasional feature, 'where are some of the members of Marine Research now?'. Today, we hear news of Cathy Rogers.

Of course, she had been busying herself presenting Scrapyard Challenge, but now, she's doing this. Where "this" is nudo. Nudo. With an O.

It's an adopt-an-olive-tree scheme: you adopt the tree, and it sends you letters detailing how well it's doing in school, and photos of it looking happy. Actually, you just get sent all its produce for the year you adopt it, which is quite nice. And not how adoptions usually work, we're patiently but firmly informed by social services.

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Simon said...

You got the Office of Fair Trading all excited there for a moment.

I like how after Scrapheap Challenge Cathy went on to do Full Metal Challenge for Channel 4 alongside Henry Rollins, kind of television's own International Tweexcore Underground.

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