Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And talking of Bono...

Guess who's blogging from the UN for the Financial Times?

Well, yes, Jeffrey Sachs is. But he's sharing an account with Bono.

It's a chance for Bono to actually expand on some of his thinking - to be fair to him, in brief TV interviews, he's doomed to come across like a glib ingenue who is over-fond of hanging out with the rich and powerful, because TV can't really cope with complex thoughts. So, given a blogging platform, does Bono manage to convince the world that there's more to him than some well-learned briefs, a lot of goodwill but something slightly empty at the heart of his efforts?

One of the things we discussed with President Barroso (before drawing up a hit list of who we go after) was the fact that Europe is a thought, but not yet a feeling. People think about Europe, but they don’t ‘feel’ it. Sometimes it’s easy to see why.

Perhaps it's unfair to expect Bono - a stadium rock lyricist, after all - to be able to express himself in anything other than slogans.
For those of you, the many of you, questioning aid on this site, you’re not wrong to suggest that it’s not the only answer. Of course it’s not. It’s trade, it’s governance, it’s private investment. But aid is critical… ask Germany, ask Ireland. See it as a leg-up, not a hand-out.

But surely he could steer clear of the cliche?