Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hey, Sarah: remember he's the King of Ireland, not the President

As Sarah Palin attempts to cover up her apparent lack of knowledge of the outside world by meeting as many leaders as she can in one forty-eight hour period, she's even made time to catch up with Bono:

The Alaska governor will also meet U2 singer and global anti-poverty campaign Bono on the sidelines of the UN meeting, said the ONE campaign, which is associated with the Irish rocker.

The McCain campaign specifically asked to include Palin in Bono's planned talks with the Republican presidential nominee, ONE said in a statement.

And why would Bono refuse to take part in a photo-op to shore up the rapidly unraveling decision to stick a fundamentalist, animal-slaughtering, serial lying, untested, scandal-riven governor on the ticket, huh?

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