Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cops are music thieves

The Cleveland Police were the boys in blue who went in to arrest those allegedly responsible for the Oink file sharing website. Now, though, it turns out the same force (in common with most of the UK's squads) have been been enjoying public performance of music without a PRS licence.

The cops aren't, of course, admitting they've been banged to rights:

Cleveland Police Deputy Chief Constable Derek Bonnard said: “We continue to assess the position and are seeking advice to determine if we are required by law to spend a significant amount of public money, which we consider is better committed to crime fighting, in this way.”

Yes, public money might be better spent on fighting actual crimes rather than propping up private entertainment companies. Although the same could be said about burning through large piles of public money pursuing people swapping music online, don't you think, Mr. Bonnard?

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