Wednesday, September 24, 2008

US webcasters deal: fair shares for all, except webcasters

The copyright-holders cabals have approved the new webcast royalty rates, and - assuming they get the rubber stamp of the Copyright Royalty Board - they'll come into action. Surprisingly, the body which represents webcasters have even signed up, although the deal is a payment of 10.5% of revenue from any site which uses music.

Revenue, not profit.

And - as far as we can tell - that's the site as a whole. So if you have a track of the week, but your business is really a thriving community discussion area, you'll be having to pay one tenth of your entire advertising take to pay for a single tune a week.

Could the Digital Media Association be taking the view that such an unattractive offer will, at least, make it less likely that anyone will try to muscle in as competition for their members?