Monday, September 22, 2008

Gennaro Castaldo watch: Tom Jones breaks it down

The new Tom Jones album is, according to the pre-publicity, Tom Jones' most personal album ever.

Yes, it turns out that all along, he's only been singing songs that have been made up. Not a word of truth has he sang. He never really stabbed anyone to death, he isn't interested in a breakdown of developing items from a Pussycat, and frankly, he would much rather you took your hat off, thank you very much.

Now, though, he's decided to sing about things that mean something to him. You can tell, too:

In the video that accompanies [the first single off the new album], Jones couldn’t be further from the hip-shaking heartthrob image that’s stayed with him since his Swinging Sixties heyday.

Dressed all in black and standing motionless, his face lit by a solitary spotlight and lined with regret, he inhabits the skin of a dying man looking yearningly back over his life and wishing he’d done things differently.

Oh, oh, if only I'd noticed the sales for Johnny Cash's last album sooner...

It's a confusing time for all of us. Who better to guide us through this strange land than Gennaro Castaldo, of computer games retailer HMV? A totally different type of Tom Jones holding his hips steady and singing from the heart rather than a few inches south of it? Gennaro, what does it mean?
Gennaro Castaldo, HMV’s head of press and PR for the UK and Ireland, doesn’t think Tom’s gamble will stop 24 Hours from being a Christmas cracker.

“Tom Jones albums always sell well in our stores, particularly, of course, in Wales,” he said.

“We have high expectations of this new album, and I’m sure his dedicated fans will be excited to hear it too.”

It will sell well in Wales and people who really like Tom Jones will want to hear it. Once again, Gennaro has shown a clear path through the wilderness.

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James said...

I've just realised who Gennaro Castaldo reminds me of; It's me, aged 14, trying to write a Biology essay, trying to reword a paragraph from the textbook in such a way that all the key facts remain but the overall work sounds like I thought of it myself.

Did Castaldo's press release end with the line "Tom Jones' hits include Delilah, The Green Green Grass of Home etc"? Etc was brilliant. Etc said "Of course, you and I both know that I could reel off hundreds more examples than the two I've listed, but I'd hate to think I was boring you with such details. Another brandy, old bean?"

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