Monday, September 22, 2008

Kim Gordon on the outside

There's nothing more dispiriting than 'rock star launches clothing line', but if it has to be done, you could do a lot worse than leave the rags-and-guitars crossover to Kim Gordon, who at least has a sense of self-awareness about what she's doing with her Mirror/Dash label:

“I know, every designer says they’re inspired by Françoise Hardy,” Ms. Gordon said. “But I’ve been listening to her records for 15 years.”

Gordon is aiming at the Cool Mums market - although it's not clear how many mothers would decide they're looking for something from the uncool mums part of the fashion world.

And if you had to choose between dressing like Kim Gordon or Victoria Beckham - well, it's pretty much a done choice, right?


CarsmileSteve said...

by "cool mums" i think we mean INDIE mums right? although indie mums ready to drop $415 on a jacket is possibly not that sizeable a market...

jana said...

well i am not a mom but am somehow inclined to buy something expensive by kim gordon rather than by someone i dislike. i like the jacket (and tend to think i might like other items too), and i like the pic when she is modeling it herself.
i am sure my contribution will not help her tremendously, but so what, i still tend to support people like kim

Anonymous said...

Didn't she already do this once before under the label Xgirl? I seem to recall that happening in the '90s.

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