Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Gordon in the morning: The fallen hero

Gordon, as we know, has special feelings for the Oasis boys, and so we can only imagine the turmoil he was going through having to report on the Noel Gallagher getting pushed over on stage incident. It's almost like asking a son to report on the attack which killed his father.

The distress is the only thing which can explain the strange aspects of Smart's report (he also gets some help from Nick Parker - it's not clear who worked out how to play the YouTube video and who took notes).

Clearly, even Noel Gallagher should be allowed to go about his business without being pushed over on stage, but equally, the guy who got on stage was a bit merry rather than intent on a killing spree. Ill-judged hi-jinks that got out of hand rather than a violent crime.

Not if you rely on Gordon for your news, though:

OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER played on in agony after a crazed fan attacked him on stage.

The nut rushed up behind the guitarist mid-performance and shoved him hard in the back.

Now, I don't know the mental health status of the bloke on the stage. Neither does Gordon. Nick Parker, we'd assume, is equally in the dark. And yet here's the Sun, insisting that the chap is both "crazed" and - charmingly - "a nut".

If Noel really was the victim of a serious offence conducted by someone with mental health issues, that does make Smart's headline seem a little strange:
Gallagher brothers are mad fer hit

Also the use of Wonderfall on the captions.

But it's not just the question of how Smart watched the video and saw a crazed fan. There's also this bit:
[H]is furious Mad Fer It brother, singer LIAM, rushed at the intruder with fists flailing before security staff dragged the man away.

Really? Because most people seem to see security staff dragging the man away before Liam starts to get involved.

Of course, this is proper journalism, and so there's a need for some sort of context, from an expert. We're not let down:
STEREOPHONICS star KELLY JONES, who played on the same bill, said: “It was out of order.”

Thank god there was someone able to explain that for us. Otherwise we might have thought this sort of thing was acceptable.

It was out of order. But isn't getting over-excited, clambering on stage, having a pop - aren't all these things the attitude which Oasis actively promotes?

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