Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Gordon Smart's tribute to Liam Gallagher's tribute to John Lennon

Fawning piece on I'm Outta Time's an epic plea to be liked

Published: Today

GORDON SMART'S unfettered praise for LIAM GALLAGHER’s tribute to his idol JOHN LENNON is being hailed as brilliant by everyone who has read it — even by his usually critical nemesises THE 3AM GIRLS.

And no wonder the praise-filled but criticism-free puff for I’m Outta Time is so good — the SUN BIZARRE COLUMN frontman has spent almost ten minutes on it.

Gordon revealed: "That took me f*****g nine minutes to write. I only finished it just as the latest pile of pictures of Hollywood actors in bikinis came in"


James said...

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Mikey said...

"nemesises" ? "nemesises

That is not the plural of Nemesis.

Those shitbirds should be sacked. And then killed.

James said...

Nemisum? Nemisa?



simon h b said...

I don't think you can have a plural of nemesis, can you?

Markie said...

Of course you can, Simon - "nemeses".

If Warren, Andrew and Jonathan had had me in their gang they would have beaten Buffy y'know.

Oh shit - I've just come off a bit geeky haven't I?

simon h b said...

But "nemeses" was Andrew's word - and look how he pronounced "vampire".

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