Monday, September 01, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Overplayed overdoses

Today's Bizarre online leads with a big splash trumpeting:

Truth of Amy's TWO overdoses

Oddly, given the space online dedicated to this story - bylined Virgina Wheeler - it doesn't make the print version of Bizarre and seems to be nowhere near the front of the paper, either. (The headline today is that the paper has helped nab a bloke who was trying to sell "sexy" snaps of William and Kate. These were pictures taken of them on holiday; frustratingly for the Sun, they were on a stolen camera and so the paper has had to do one of its 'how good are we, not getting involved' stories.

So, why the shyness over the Amy Overdose story - perhaps because it's really weak - sourced to a "pal" who somehow also seems to be a psychiatric expert:
“She is in need of years of psychiatry and medical treatment if she has a hope.”

And it's not really anything surprising or new. The surprise is not how downplayed the tale is in the paper, but how prominent it is online. It's almost like the Sun is just invading her privacy on this occasion to try and keep the right of way open.

Meanwhile, Bizarre proper is marked by a spot of lame photoshoppery inspired by the possibility of Russell Crowe playing Doctor Watson. Actually, I say photoshoppery - it's more like they've got Crowe to sit in one of those photobooths that superimposes cartoon hats and moutstaches on your face. It truly is a sight to see.

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James said...

That stolen-photos story is amazing. The Sun go into great detail about how they did the right thing in refusing to print the photos - Before going into equal amounts of detail describing the content of the photos they refused to print.

They also don't appear to be that miffed that they're the first newspaper that crooks think of when trying to flog stolen photos...

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