Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nine point lead, incumbents trashing the economy, Sarah Palin incapable of answering a question with anything other than the word 'maverick' ...

What could possibly go wrong for Obama?

How about Sharon Osbourne instructing America not to vote for Sarah Palin:

It reminds me of, like, a hokey Disney movie... where somebody from nowhere suddenly ends up ruling the world. I don't know her, I've never met her, but come on!

Wow, the Republicans really did do a poor job on vetting Palin, didn't they? Not nly did they not spot her lack of knowledge, the absence of empathy, the charging rape victims for their rape kits, the whole lying thing, the earmarks and the firing of people she didn't like, they missed that Sharon Osbourne hasn't met her. Boy, if ever you were begging to be punished at the polls.


James said...

I think you're being a little hard on Osbourne here. You must admit that comparing a Palin vice-presidency to a bad Disney movie is a pretty astute comment.

Almost as astute as when Matt Damon made it two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

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Eeeeeeeer!? Am I missing something does politics now ROCK?! Me thinks not. Oh I'm so slow, any comment from the daughter of a Rock n Roller is worth picking up on, ye?! Pathetic... Not as sad and onerous as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee though. Maybe you could have considered including washout, weirdo, has-been, pig with lipstck (or without) minger, bitch, tart, sour-puss... You may notice these epiphets may apply to either of the women concerned. Now that is Rock and Roll.

Anonymous said...

No, that's just misogynistic. The two don't have to be synonymous.

Laura Brown said...

Courtney? Is that you?

simon h b said...

@anonymous 5.37pm
Besides the nasty and unnecessary spot of gynophobia, I'm not sure I understood a single word of what you said.

For the record, though, you seem to have confused Kelly Osbourne - who is the daughter of a rock and roller - and her mother, Sharon, who is the daughter of a rock manager.

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