Wednesday, September 03, 2008

State searches for a tune

Oklahoma is currently seeking an official state song through the always-prone-to-disaster medium of an online vote. This is shortlist:

“After Midnight” J. J. Cale

“Heartbreak Hotel” Mae Boren Axton

“Oklahoma” The Call

“Never Been to Spain” Hoyt Axton

“Move Along” All-American Rejects

“Home Sweet Oklahoma” Leon Russell

“Endless Oklahoma Sky” John Moreland and the Black Gold Band

“Walk Don’t Run” The Ventures

“Do You Realize?” Flaming Lips

“Let’s Have a Party” Wanda Jackson

The appearance of All American Rejects is surprising - you can see why a well-meaning judge might include something of the moment to prove 'down with kids'-ness, but surely not something of the moment from three years ago.

More surprising is the inclusion of Do You Realize - it's a wonderful, wonderful song, yes. But does Oklahoma really want itself represented in song as being similar to withdrawing from smack?

If you're thinking the title song from Oklahoma - the musical - might make a more appropriate state song, you'd be right. It's been enshrined in state legislation as such since 1953; but this search is specifically open to rock songs. Hence no Okie From Muskogee, either. Which is a pity:

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ian said...

Oklahoma by Spearmint!

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