Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Taken badly

Yesterday's big kidnap splash which Gordon (and, to be fair, other media) ran is returned to this morning: it seems the victim isn't happy with Lily Allen for talking about it public:

Officers had put a ban on publicity about the case.

But at the GQ magazine Men of the Year awards in London on Tuesday, 23-year-old Lily praised police for their incredible job.

The kidnapped pal was said to be “livid”.

Ex Scotland Yard Commander John O’Connor said: “It was outrageous.”

The appearance of yesterday's story led to Scotland Yard circulating a reminder about the ban on publicity, which makes it slightly surprising that Smart has decided to return to the tale, repeating everything he'd published the day before. It's also funny that, according to Smart, the alleged victim is raging at Allen alone, and not, say, the editor of a newspaper column who ran the story in front of millions of eyeballs yesterday.

Thank the lord he can get back on to safer ground with the news that Kate Moss has worn a hat.

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duckie said...

And more from that hat story: "Kate – who quipped: “I want to be your pimp! Yeah, baby!” My God, positively Wildean ain't she.

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