Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yes. Well, no, not quite Yes.

Jon Anderson forced the cancellation of the Yes 40th anniversary tour and is still ill. So the band is hitting the road with Benoit David on vocals.

Who he? He's a singer in Yes tribute acts - although presumably they're not actually tribute acts any more if they feature an actual member of the actual band?

Anderson might be a little nervous about this development, as Yes seem to be enjoying having a singer who's a little more easy to work with:

[Chris] Squire hopes to work songs from [the Anderson-less Drama] album into the set for the upcoming tour, plus a few songs he said were not Anderson's favorites to perform live but the rest of the band likes.

Also, we hear David brings donuts to rehearsals.

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Isorski said...

Like I said on my blog yesterday (, unless they play very small theaters and/or bust out some rarities, no one is gonna see this thing...

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