Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Young people

To be fair to Gordon, the piece about Lourdes Ciccone dressing a bit like her Mum isn't by him - it's by Erica Davies - but he features it as part of Bizarre smorgasbord this morning.

The 'article' is nothing more than pictures of a twelve year-old girl run alongside photos of her mum. Mum, of course, is Madonna. It's hugely unlikely that the Sun would have run these pictures of any other twelve year, but this is Madonna's daughter. On the other hand, that can't be the case, can it, what with the PCC code strictly injuncting:

Editors must not use the fame, notoriety or position of a parent or guardian as sole justification for publishing details of a child’s private life.

Elsewhere on Bizarre this morning, again without Gordon's little photo in his borrowed suit, there's a breathless piece about the new Take That video:
Here is the first look at the boys in action from the expensive video — shot from a helicopter.

Not from a helicopter? But I thought those crazy craft only existed in sci-fi stories and top-secret military compounds. Where did Gary Barlow lay his hands on such aline technology?

Actually, it's not really that the Sun gets over-excited by helicopters; the mention of it, it turns out, is merely to set up the knob gag in the headline:
Take That get chopper out

If I didn't know better, I'd bet they're using the MusicBiz banner rather than the Gordon photo byline banner on that because he was afraid he'd be mocked mercilessly if his face appeared next to that headline.

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