Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hank Williams does Palin's bidding

As if the family name hadn't been sullied enough, Hank Williams Junior is trading in what's left of his goodwill in the interests of supporting Sarah Palin and John McCain.

He's rewritten Family Tradition as the McCain-Palin Tradition (a tradition that stretches back to, erm, September, given that they're keen to claim to have nothing to do with previous administrations). But it gets worse than that. Much worse:

The chorus now includes the lines "John and Sarah tell ya just what they think, and they're not gonna blink"

Although Palin is known for a quick wink. And on the rare occasions when Sarah does tell you just what she thinks, she then has to appear on the news with McCain with him complaining that she was tricked into saying what she thinks by a devious person asking her a straight question.

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James said...

Funny he should go on to say "and they're not gonna blink" too. One of the highlights of the third debate was when Obama shot down McCain's big talking point about a fine he'd be charging 'Joe the Plumber' ("Here's your fine: Zero."), and McCain reacted with a display of blinking which, if properly harnessed, could power Ohio for a fortnight.

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