Friday, October 17, 2008

Knebworth - careful with that 'e', typesetter

One good thing about the Oasismandias tour this summer - it might shut them up about those Knebworth gigs from years and years ago. Do you remember when playing Knebworth was seen as a sign of virility, and any old milksop who wanted to look the big I am dreamed of playing there? Thank god we're past that now, eh?

Oh, hang on... what's this Newsbeat is reporting?

Coldplay are planning to play a massive one-off gig in the grounds of Knebworth House in Hertfordshire.

Chris Martin revealed the news exclusively to Zane Lowe on Radio 1 on Thursday night.

He didn't quite say Knebworth, though - presumably it's meant to be a secret. Instead, in a scene reminiscent of the "it's a telescupe - but that's a codeword" Fry and Laurie sketch, he made a subtle reference so that the cognoscenti might guess:
"We're trying to book a place that rhymes with Blebworth.

"We realised there's a lot of people who don't like us in Britain but, you know, they don't have to come."

Well, of course, Chris. If you were going to hold a gig for people who don't like you, you'd be having to book out Kneb... sorry, Blebworth every night for the next forty-two summers.

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