Friday, October 17, 2008

Oasis fans left naked and ashamed

Mike Baldwin traveled from London to Greater Manchester, bringing with him cunning London know-how about how to make cheap clothes and keep down the proletariat at the same time.

Mancunians have learned those skills well, and now Noel and Liam are embarking on a little bit of the rag trade for themselves. Unfortunately, the forgot the importance of having an Elsie Tanner in the supervisor's office to make sure it all works properly. James P picks up the story:

Oasis have generously offered their US fans a free shirt. All they have to do is install a widget and listen to six new tracks. They'll then be redirected to a form which lets them order their reward.

...and here's what actually happened:

Complaints from hapless fans include;
- 'I can't get in'
- 'The website's broken'
- 'It's telling me I 'may be chosen to win' a shirt'
- 'It said that I wanted 17 of the shirts for $220.83'

Care to wager how many days until Noel Gallagher promises us that the *next* widget-based online giveaway will be loads better?

Even if the crazy plan worked, how bloody brilliant would a t-shirt have to be to make you sit through six Oasis tunes end-to-end?