Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oasis head for number one

Having managed to limp to number three in the singles chart, Oasis will have their dignity restored when the album chart is compiled this week, with reports of just under 90,000 sales for the record on the first day.

Let's not put that into the context of being about 40,000 shy of Leona Lewis' first day sale, as that might be considered rude. Or that even Coldplay managed 125,000 with Viva La Diva Locomotive thingy.

And, you know, it would be equally rude to point out that Be Here Now sold 420,000 copies in its first twenty-four hours. It's not that Oasis have misplaced most of their hardcore support; it's probably that the true fans are waiting for the SACD release. Or maybe the SlotDisk.


Anonymous said...

boy am I excited to hear what witty insult Noel has planned for Pink/Sugababes/Kings of Leon!!!!111 How dare they get in the way of Real Music??? And where is the Lemur? Out celebrating, I suppose.

simon h b said...

The lemur is currently advising Presidential candidates on strategy.

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