Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stone casts votes

If there's one thing the US heartlands love, it's getting lectures on democracy from Europeans. It always goes down well. So what better than Joss Stone to get the vote out?

"America is a large, major power and it affects everywhere, so I can't just sit down and shut up," she said in an interview last week. "Just because I can't vote doesn't mean I can't say what I mean and what I feel. I just hope that people will vote. ... I'm not here to say Barack or McCain, I'm hear to say, 'Have a voice and use it.' It's so important."

Well, she's right that she can't just sit down and shut up; that's for certain. But if it's so very important with America being this large, major power, then shouldn't Stone endorse a candidate? How does saying 'vote for someone, anyone' actually mean Stone is using her voice?

Still, we should find out who she's back soon - there's less than a week to the election and since Gordon Smart insisted that Obama had personally invited her to write a campaign song for him, we must surely be about to hear it, right?


jef said...

Perhaps she's just realised (unlike the grauniad during the last US election) that Americans don't like being told how to vote by us Brits.

jef said...

As of course, you said at the start of that post. I read good...

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