Thursday, October 30, 2008

Simon Cowell launches new publicity stunt

Simon Cowell isn't a stupid man - annoying, yes; tasteless, certainly; but not stupid. So when he starts honking about buying the rights to Top of the Pops and "putting the Christmas special on ITV", he must surely know that everyone sees this for the grandstanding that it is. There's value left in the Top of The Pops brand for the BBC - more, certainly, than Cowell would bid for the rights - and while not having a Christmas special won't help increase that value, it's nothing compared to the hit having it ruined by the home of The Roxy would mean.

If Cowell's so bloody keen for ITV to do something like this, why doesn't he revive The Chart Show?


Tim Footman said...

Or Ready Steady Go.

James said...

Been meaning to mention this for a while - The Chart Show has sort-of been brought back, on 'Chart Show TV' (one of the music channels up near 'Music Choice', the channel which gets less viewers than my credit report).

It looks very slightly like the old Chart Show - They still pretend it's playing on a video with strangely extrovert screen indicators, and the Video Vault's still there (bloody Oasis last time I watched). Other things are wildly different. Haven't seen the Rock or Indie Chart yet, and the music's all this modern rubbish like your Pussycat Dolls and Picnic at the Disco :(

The next episode is on Monday 3rd November at 1pm if anyone's interested. I might give it another try...

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