Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That's not my name: True stories of the Ting Tings

Who are The Ting Tings? No, really: who are they? That's the question The Idols Who Exploit Them has asked in forensic detail, entertainingly suggesting that the band's creation myth doesn't quite add up and proving - with shown working - that they're effectively stalking Art Brut:

#3.b Fan-Made 7" Custom Artwork.

‘Art Brut are the band whose single entitled Modern Art came out on 7inch vinyl in plain white sleeves, which fans decorated with paint, markers, and glitter provided at the launch party to create their own individual "artworks”.’ (Gullbuy, retrieved 01.13 21/10/08)

I should know, I bought one. It has paint splodges on it. That’s quite an original idea really, and in December 2004 the hand-painted vinyl copies and the standard CDs sold enough copies for ‘Modern Art’ to chart at number 49 in the UK singles chart.

But what’s this? Katie and Jules need a gimmick?

‘In an elaborate art hoax, they played dates in Manchester, London, Berlin and New York, inviting audience members to fashion their own artwork for the single and then trading the sleeves across countries and eventually continents. "We just have to do things our way," says Jules, "there's no point otherwise."’ (Ting Ting’s official bio, retrieved 23.58 20/10/08)

Shouldn’t that be Art Brut’s way? And if so, what's your point, Ting Tings

It doesn't take anything away from the band's music - indeed, TIWET admits to liking their songs - but it does make you wonder why anyone would go to such elaborate lengths to create a tale about how they started. It's almost as twisty a tale as George Osbourne's trip to that yacht.

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