Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Katy Perry: look out, she's got a blade

Elsewhere in the Sun this morning - indeed, all over the front page - is a photo of Katy Perry posing with a knife. The paper is fuming with rage:

POP star Katy Perry poses with a knife — an image which sparked fury last night after another teen was killed by a blade in Broken Britain.

Angry critics said 23-year-old Katy, who sold five million copies of her No1 hit I Kissed A Girl, was “out of her mind” for glamorising knives.

Now, while Perry was clearly trying to generate a bit of 'look-at-me' attention, is it entirely fair to somehow suggest she was insensitive for having a photo taken holding a knife without realising that in another country, at some point in the future, someone might be killed with a knife. It's not like she rushed out to get the photo taken in Everton Valley Park yesterday morning.

Indeed, while The Sun might enjoy condemning Katy, you might wonder if it's not more disgusting that the paper can't even report the death of a kid on the streets of L5 without finding a picture of a sexy young woman to pep up the story.

And if seeing Katy holding a knife is going to lead a surge in knife crime, why has the paper printed the photo?

Oh... and what's this?
Sources on the shoot, which was for Katy’s debut album One Of The Boys, said: “The knife picture was done to give Katy more of a sexy, harder edge.

“But in the end it wasn’t picked as a main shot for her album or website.”

So it's not even a picture that would have been widely seen had the Sun not been running it. Good work, everyone.


monkseal said...

People are still getting knife-crimed? I thought the credit crunch had put a stop to all that...

Simon said...

Not only has Perry been callously promoting overseas knife crime, but she's been doing so for six months at the very least -

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