Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whibley, Lavigne: marriage's great hopes

If even Madonna and Guy can't make marriage work, even with the support of bottles and bottles of Kabbalah water and almost totally separate lives, what hope is there for anyone?

But here is a heartwarming tale of young couples making sanctified union work to their advantage - Deryck Whibley and Sum 41 have rejected rumours about a crack in their marriage:

On October 20th the National Enquirer issued a gossip story
surrounding Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 and his wife Avril Lavigne. For
the record we strongly deny the inference of martial problems
between Avril and Deryck. We also strongly deny the National Enquirer
claims of any other liaisons. Deryck has in fact been travelling
through Asia performing with Avril as evidenced by the numerous
Youtube videos.

Says Deryck Whibley "I'm actually very surprised that so many media
outlets picked this story up. Since when did the National Enquirer
become a trust worthy news source?".

Yeah... videos on YouTube. That's, like, admissible evidence in all states and territories apart from Syria and Arkansas.

Still, it's great to know this marriage is strong and all those who thought it was little more than a stunt to try and shore up two dwindling preteen acts must be feeling pretty stu... hang on, what's this at the end of the official statement?
Sum 41's most recent release "Underclass Hero", which spawned the
hit singles "With Me" , "Walking Disaster" and " Underclass Hero" ,
has now sold in excess of 1 million albums, 2 million digital tracks
and 15 million streams world wide. The album peaked at #1 in Canada,
Japan, and #7 on the US Billboard charts. Based on this success
Universal Music picked up their option to have Sum 41 produce a new
album in 2009, thus after completing a very successful 18 month
world tour the band has started work on a new album.

Why, if we didn't know that this was all about Whibley defending his love, we'd assume that this denial was little more than the start of the promotional campaign for the next Sum 41 album.