Thursday, November 20, 2008

High re-entry: TOTP bounces back

Presumably in order to head off being told to do so by a double-headed BBC Trust and Daily Mail beast, what remains of BBC management has reversed its earlier decision to not do a Christmas Top Of The Pops this year.

Indeed, they're even going to do one on New Year's Eve, too:

BBC One controller Jay Hunt said: "With shows on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, Top of the Pops has never been bigger.

"The shows will form the centrepiece of a massive musical offering during the festive season that we hope viewers are really going to enjoy."

It's bigger than ever, although not if you include in your defintion of "ever" when it was on regularly each week in prime time and had a Christmas special.

There's supposedly been some sort of public outcry demanding the return of TOTP, although it's hard to imagine any sort of public outcry which would be satisfied by an announcement including the phrase:
"will be presented by Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates"

It's not often you find yourself thinking "surely this is a job for Moyles, Whiley and Bowman", is it?


Simon said...

The BBC already seem to be promoting it as the long awaited return of a venerable classic. There was a Christmas Day show last year! And it finished eighteen months before that because nobody watched it! This whole "bring it back" alleged campaign seems to have centred on Simon Cowell saying he'd take the show to ITV, without mentioning a) The Roxy or b) how he was going to go about buying the chart rights.

PeterD said...

its like bringing back crossroads with the same people that made it unbearable to watch in the first place, surely this is a job for Moyles, Bowman and the other one you mentioned.

natalie said...

will fearne cotton just get off the tv please? she's presenting everything going

Anonymous said...

The 'Get Fearne Out' campaign starts here! Maybe we could get the Daily Mail involved, they're good at this kind of thing.

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