Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Jewel, and Palin's like a glittery prize

Apparently falling for the line that women didn't like Palin because she wasn't feminist enough, Jewel has leaped to fellow Alaskan Sarah Palin's defence:

"Alaskan women are very can-do women. We're the pioneer state! The women who settled (in) Alaska had a large role in shaping it. The way I was raised, I never thought I was any different than boys. You can really see that in Sarah Palin."

Fair enough - although Sarah Palin's background is beauty shows and sports reporting, which is hardly the sort of stuff that shaped the pioneer state. (Actually, isn't Ohio and not Alaska the Pioneer State anyway?)

The trouble is, of course, shooting a few moose doesn't make a feminist. Certainly not if you do it in your time off from, say, happily allowing rape victims to be charged for the kits to collect evidence, or leading attacks on reproductive rights.

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Olive said...

Strange thing about Alaska is that despite being allegedly a state of rugged individualists, is that it receives twice as much federal funding as it pays in taxes.

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