Sunday, November 16, 2008

This week just gone

Searches for pictures which have brought people to No Rock this month:

1. McFly naked pictures
2. Heather from Rock Of Love naked pictures (and variations thereof)
3. Heather Mills porn pictures
4. Frontal nudity pictures
5. Nelly Furtardo nude pictures
6. Lynne Perrie pictures Television X (mercifully, they're not looking for Ivy naked)
7. "t in the park" + "front page picture" +2003
8. A picture of a modest girl
9. Beth Ditto naked pictures
10. Brighton And Hove Albion pictures shorts

There's also a search for "Britney Spears pictures no knickers please", which shows that it's possible to be polite even when looking for the most tawdry of wankfodder on the net.

These were the more interesting in a very backwards looking new release week:

Loop - Fade Out
- Part of the reissue of the whole back catalogue

Robin Guthrie - 3.19

Tony Christie - Made In Sheffield

Johnny Cash - 1977 Christmas Special

The Damned - So Who's Paranoid?

Herbie Hancock - The Definitive

Lonnie Donegan - Rare Tapes From The Late 1960s

The Smiths - The Sound Of The Smiths
- Mozzer-baiting tatty cash-in round-up