Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winehouse mash-up

The News of the World seems incredibly excited over its Amy Winehouse's amusing tongue-in-cheek complaints about Simon Cowell. Someone rang her doorbell, she was amused rather than angry - it's not a great revelation, is it?

Hang on, though, there's more:

In the astonishing outburst in Camden, north London, Amy admitted she was sitting indoors in her UNDERWEAR eating COTTAGE PIE.

I think there's a macro at the News International tabloids that automatically caps up the word "underwear" - but who knew cottage pie was that important? Something that you might, indeed, admit to. Perhaps it's the decision to eschew the lamb of a shepherds pie in favour of the beefy delights of the cottage pie which so upset the paper. Does Winehouse care nothing for the hill farmers of Wales?

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