Monday, December 29, 2008

Celebrity Big Brother: You can never accuse Guardian readers of being ill-informed

A vague couple of words speculating that LaToya Jackson might be this year's Jackson in the Big Brother house unleashed an enormous monster of a Jackson fan in the comments:

You would only have to bother Googling La Toya Jackson to know that she too is representing the pop world, with 10 albums released since 1980, a Grammy nomination for her songwriting. A few people out there may also know her recent US club chart hits Just Wanna Dance and Free The World under her alias 'Toy'. She was also part of USA for Africa - We Are The World too. Her last UK releases were 1988's You're Gonna Get Rocked single with hip-hop superproducers Full Force and the accompanying LP with tracks by Stock Aitken Waterman amongst others. She's a best-selling author, actress, and her Playboy issues are still the biggest sellers of all time. It'll be great to see her back. Last time she was over here was in 2005 on Frank Skinner, supporting Michael and talking about her life. It should be a great 3 weeks of top telly with Toy on board.

Wow... more people wanted to look at her naked in Playboy than anyone else, huh? That's quite an, erm, achievement (outselling Debbie Gibson's vagina? Who wouldn't be proud?). Still, it's actually quite sweet to see that Jackson still has fans so proud of her that they'll submit a biography to counter any suggestion she might be less famous than Mutya from the Sugababes. I say "fans"; jumping to the conclusion that the press handout might have come straight from the PR team who have got her into this mess in the first place might be uncharitable.

Amongst the others being tipped for a place in the programme which is part handbasket, part tumbrel, are Terry Christian (recently lost his unfair dismissal claim against the BBC on the grounds that, erm, he didn't work for them); Michelle Heaton out of Liberty X (sort of undermining Popbitch's belief that they somehow beat Hear'Say in the long run); Ulrika (getting GBP175,000 - more than anyone else, according to Wikipedia); Lucy Pinder (apparently not owning a shirt now constitutes 'celebrity'); Malcolm Gladwell (hoping to discover exactly where his tipping point is); Verne Toyer (as part of his bid to appear on any reality programme that will have him); Tina Malone (off of Brookside); Coolio (wearing a tshirt reading 'self-parody? what does that even mean?') and Ben from A1, who will spend the three days before he's evicted wandering around showing off his nipples.


Simon said...

Malcolm Gladwell? Where does it say that? Did you put that down to make a 'so much a tipping point that Malcolm Gladwell might as well be in' joke and got confused?

Mind you, it's no less likely than Mark Lamarr, who's turned up in some betting. Tommy Sheridan is supposed to definitely be in, which seems like a long shot to me - I can see they're going the Galloway "controversial colourful socialist firebrand" route, but do anything like the same range and reach of people south of the border really know his reputation?

simon h b said...

Yes. Malcolm Gladwell isn't going to be there. I just thought it might be interesting if he was... (I forgot to add the 'one of these might be a lie' line at the bottom...)

Sheridan is a bit of a surprise - I hope the Endemol staff who have got the job of playing in the masking sound effects for the E4 feed have been given a lot of training in contempt and libel law...

M.C. Glammer said...

Who's Malcolm Gladwell? Was he in Playboy? Sheesh, they'll let anybody in that mag these days. It used to be harder than the pop charts to get in.

Ahh, remember when they got Vickie La Motta? There was no such thing as a milf then, just a fine looking woman whose husband would kill you for even looking at her, never mind doing what you were doing over her pictures.

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