Friday, December 05, 2008

Coldplay: let's call it a cover version

The challenge for Joe Satriani - who reckons that Coldplay has ripped off his tune - is not in convincing the world that Coldplay might copy. They barely have an original idea in their heads, so it's certainly plausible. But can he prove that it's him that has been ripped off?

IGotSpaceLikeNasa invites you to compare and contrast. Or, rather, compare. There's not much contrast:

[Thanks again to Michael M]


Anonymous said...

a mash-up of Coldplay and Joe Satriani?!? What kind of a sick bastard would inflict something so painful on the world? Watching that video was an aural experience I can only presume is somewhat similar to watching someone deciding to mix vomit and faeces together.

Why would anyone who'd written something so shit be bothered when a shit band produce an equally shit song that sounds the same? Isn't that actually the moment when Joe should've hoped that nobody notice he'd done it first?

Anonymous said...

No doubt Coldplagiarism happened here. Coldplay’s arrogance will bite them in the ass. Get the shirt!!

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