Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Stop it now, Gordon

What level of editing is going into the Bizarre column these days? Is the Take That Press Team sending stuff across attached to an email, or are they at least dictating over the phone to give Gordon some typing to do?

This morning, it's all about Glastonbury:

TAKE THAT desperately want to complete their all-conquering comeback by headlining Glastonbury.

The man band have never played a big festival and already have their eyes on a headline slot in 2010 as the icing on the cake for their incredible careers.

Gordon continues to push the 'wouldn't it be bwilliant if Robbie rejoined" line - even running pictures from Williams' awful hanging-out-with-Oasis Glasto experience and reminding people that, hey, 2010 could mean all five of them together:
Bosses at their Universal label have held informal talks with festival chiefs and they could even be joined on stage by ex-bandmate ROBBIE WILLIAMS if reunion talks continue going well.

There's one slight piece of grit in this well-oiled press offensive, though, which you'll find tucked at the very foot of Gordon's piece:
A whopping 89 per cent of you who called my phone poll said Take That should carry on without Robbie.

Why do I suspect if the result had gone the other way, it might have been flagged up a little more prominently?

Still, at least it gives Gordon some purpose. He's reduced to running a story about a guy on a German reality show bringing a chicken to orgasm as his third story this morning - ten years ago, that would barely have made it to a SunSpot.