Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Henry Priestman's surprising debut

Simon T emails, in response to Digital Spy's story about Henry Preistman signing with Universal:

"Henry Priestman has been trying to sign to a label since 1978", apparently. Which is presumably why labels signed him when he was in The Christians, It's Immaterial and Stiff makeweights The Yachts, as well as, according to a couple of minutes' Googling, singing on a Jools Holland album and appearing on the number one Hillsborough charity cover of Ferry Cross The Mersey. But apart from that...

Indeed - and, come to that, the deal with Stiff under which The Chronicles Of Modern Life - which DigitalSpy describes as his "debut album" - originally came out on in September this year.

Still, why let the facts, etc etc?

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PeterD said...

I read the same article and thought hold on, he was in The Christians, and when Sir Terry has played the single, he mentions The Chritians. Digital Spy, them and facts never really connect, them and an actual story never really connect. Gordon smarts website of choice I will wager.

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