Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Milking it a little

It's not clear how long Burke was at Wapping - from the scanty number of quotes Smart harvested, it must have been about four minutes. But, boy, does Gordon milk it, trying to build no less than three stories from the meeting.

It's actually a little sad, as Burke clearly has tickets on herself and seems to have confused 'winning a teatime gameshow' with 'being a bit like Elvis':

She told me: “Cheryl will play a major part in my career. I am making sure she stays involved.

“I respect her opinions dearly. She was in this position six years ago and she can advise me well.

“She will have an official position as well as being my friend. We are always texting and calling."

Yes - as much as two days after the final they've kept in touch. That's special.

Alexandra Burke also insists that she's big mates with Kate Moss - although "she won't be leading me astray" and, naturally, weighing up the idea of becoming a footballer's wife:
[S]he said: “If the right dude comes along then maybe. He’d have to be from Manchester United or Arsenal — my brothers support them.”

Well, of course: you won New Faces, why would you even consider someone from the Championship?

It might, of course, all be down to over-excitement rather than arrogance, but there is a nasty taint of entitlement about her brief interview. If Gordon didn't get any quotes which didn't make her seem grabby and demanding, he didn't choose to run them.

Still, who won't be looking forward to the new Diet Coke adverts as Gordon is describing them?