Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old mp3s for sale

The concept of digital ownership - do you own mp3s? And if you do, why can't you sell them - is getting a bit of a shaping up: a service called Bopaboo has started up, offering a 'used' mp3 marketplace.

I'm expecting the thorny question of how you can tell that an mp3 on sale is the original and not merely a duplicate will bring the pain of a thousand RIAA lawyers down on top of the Bopaboo team at any moment. Which is a pity, as it does offer an answer to the 'what do you do if you buy something rubbish by mistake' question.


PTH said...

The link goes to a Go Daddy holding page, just as i was planning on selling my Wombats mp3s.

PTH said...

Ah, stick a www in front.

Francis said...

just checking the stats on my frankosonic mp3 blog and I noticed that a Chet Baker track I hosted had been downloaded a stupid amount of times. Checking the referrers it became clear that a website in China was selling the mp3 (and using my bandwidth to deliver it). It never even crossed my mind that they might have been a "second hand mp3 store"...haha

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